Animal Communication

Professional animal communication helps your pets feel grounded & part of the family. Talk to your pets about anything & everything and bond closer to them more than you ever thought possible! We provide that important link to hear your what your pets need to say. Whether it's a behavior issue, health, feeding, issues with other pet family members (or maybe one of your human family members,) pet loss grief support or lost pets, we're here to help.

Animals Talk Using Telepathy

You've seen two animals meet for the first time and seem to get along right away or not - they talk using animal telepathy.
Whether it's a new or long term behavior problem, health issues, feeding and diet problems, issues with other pet family members or maybe one of your human family members, we can help with animal communication.
Some skeptics will come right out and ask if this really works? They certainly want the best for their pets, but they just find it hard to believe because they have never heard it for themselves. So much of what they have been told through the left-brain, black and white facts of the world that they have been told says this can't be true, and they are afraid of being laughed at by family and friends for believing in something so wacky - right? We know, we work as Professional Animal Communicators, we hear it too :)
Well all you have to is put all your fears of being mocked aside for just a few minutes for the sake of your pets. We can all agree that your love of your pets are worth it. Next just read our wonderful customer testimonials! Everyone of those pet parents had to take the leap of faith for their precious furry and feathered family members at one time too, and it made the difference in their whole family's life!
To get started you can schedule an animal communication session right on our web site - it's really easy!


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Conveniently scheduled animal communication & animal Reiki sessions happen as we connect telepathically from our office to your pet family. You and your pets stay in the comfort of your home or wherever they may be located at the time and don't have to travel or be disturbed by having someone new come into their home. We work with zoos, sanctuaries and wild life rescues too.

Schedule your pet's animal communication and animal Reiki healing session by jumping over to our main site for animal communication and Animal Reiki healing site ( using our online tool. We'll step you through the process. We're here to support you and your pet family with the top notch customer support and loving care for all of your pets!


Animal Communication FAQ & Benefits

As professionally trained animal communicators, we gently relay information and messages between the pet parent and the animal companion. In an interactive two-way conversation the communicator can be the translator, facilitator, and a negotiator, as we all brainstorm solutions and ideas together based on an understanding of the pet family's needs. When dealing with difficult subjects, such as pet behavior issues, it's important that the pet never feels backed into a corner or pressured. Our training also includes standards practices knows as ethics which we take very seriously. This is especially helpful in situations like helping to locate lost pets.

We offer healing services of a professional animal communicator and Reiki master to all species of pets & wildlife. Whether an intuitive healer is right beside your pet or far away has no bearing on the effectiveness or outcome of the session with your pet. You'll see by our testimonials from all over the USA and the world. Learn more about how animal distance healing works.

Here are a few other ways pet parents use an animal communicator to help deepen their relationship with their pet family:

  • General check-in: When you want to know how your animal companion is doing. If the pet adjusted to a recent change? How are they feeling physically and emotionally?
  • Behavior Problems can be resolved once you know why the pet is behaving in a certain way. Examples include barking, chewing, aggressive behavior or litter box issues.
  • Family or household changes: we can let your pets know when changes occur in your family; moving, bringing a new person into the home, someone is leaving, you are going on vacation or your daily schedule is changing.
  • Seek your pet's perspective: ask how they feel about something?. Are they happy? Is there anything you can do to make them more happy/comfortable? How do they feel about other members of the family, including other animals in the house?
  • Death and Dying: It is difficult to make a decision about your animal companion's health and end of life plans without knowing what they want. You can ask: Do you want help in passing? How can we make you more comfortable? See our Pet Loss Grief Support page for more info.
  • Lost animals: Using a variety of professional animal communicator skills and tools, we can help locate lost pets and help solve any behavior issues that may have led to them leaving in the first place. We also work in keeping the pet parents remain calm during this very stressful time. See our lost pet page for more info.
  • We can also help pet's behavior, health and emotional issues with Reiki for animals.